Hello and welcome!

My name is Mischa Shimek. I am a performer, composer, and music teacher based in Anchorage, Alaska. My lessons are classical guitar repertoire and technique for beginners both for adult and younger student level. I strive to give students the basic understanding of the technical and mechanical intricacies of the classical guitar and the skills necessary to perform not only classical guitar but other genres that they are interested in learning. I also teach beginning music theory and reading with hands on experience in aural training and improvisation.

My note on Classical Guitar

I find that the classical guitar is an excellent instrument for anyone looking to start playing guitar; strings are much more soft and doesn’t dig into the skin like most steel strings. The neck is wider to visually help students who are learning the fret board and help strengthen dexterity. and most of all, the expressiveness of the guitar is powerful and gives great tone and colors for the musician to explore and create beautiful music.

Why should you chose Classical Guitar

Most students want to only pick up the instrument so they can learn the popular song of today and then never return to the instrument once they have learned a couple of chords. With the classical guitar the challenge is not just learning complex and beautiful pieces but expressing the intent of the piece through true musicality and artistry. And that requires constant exploration and practice on the guitar; Anyone can pick up the guitar and play a song but it takes time and patience to express the emotive quality the guitar can make.

I intend on making the classical guitar a more suitable instrument that people want to play than what other guitar teachers would offer. Teachers that will only teach a piece to a student but never provide them with the insight, depth of understanding, and technique required to fully express the sounds one can make on the guitar.

If you find this interesting and are looking to begin your journey then feel free to look around on my website. My contact is available if you wish to set a lesson up for your children or yourself.